Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wrap-up for Introduction to the book of Daniel

Welcome Back Ladies, I am Ann Sanger your Teaching Director and at this time I will deliver a wrap-up or teaching for a few minutes.  PRAY Thank you Father for your love and mercy and grace that is new every morning. Bless these women who came out tonight. Speak through me. Put a guard at my lips and bless my words I pray in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ.
Ladies most of remember Daniel from our childrens bible story of Daniels miraculous rescue from the lions den. We even had a little song:

Daniel, echo Daniel, Daniel, echo Daniel in the li, li, lions
Daniel, echo Daniel, Daniel, echo Daniel in the li, li, lions
Daniel, echo Daniel, Daniel, echo Daniel in the li, li, lions
Daniel in the lions, echo Daniel in the lions, Daniel in the lion’s den.
There are Three Points to my Introduction
      Historical Background
      Daniel the Book
      Daniel the Man
Our Theme: God is in Control

  • Historical Background

How in the world did Israel end up in this mess? What happened to God1s covenant with Abraham? Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land and grew into an independent nation with their own kings and mighty armies. In one word-"disobedience. After the reign of Solomon, the twelve tribes were divided into the northern kingdom ISRAEL and the southern kingdom JUDAH. The Assyrians carried ISRAEL INTO captivity in 722 BC. Then between 605 and 586 be the southern kingdom went into captivity under their famous leader Nebuchadnezzar. Only two tribes represent last remnant of God’s people. Throughout the book we will continue to call God's people Israel.
  • Daniel the Book:

The book of Daniel is unlike other books in the Old Testament.
Disputes over author and date: Though controversial and the target of non­ Christians, I refuse to enter the banter of when it was written and who wrote it. I believe Author is Daniel (12:4) and it was written 537 B.C.

Jesus references Daniel in Matthew 24:15 and that is all the proof I need.

15 “So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), 

Jesus said it and I believe it!

The Jewish Bible divided in 3 groups the Law; The Prophets; Writings. Psalms, Proverbs, Esther, is also listed in Writings along with Daniel.

The first half of the book is largely historical telling of Daniel and his friends' life as they were raised in the temple in Babylon groomed in the culture and language of their capturers. His message was as much to the Gentile world as it was to the Jews.

Second half Daniel’s prophecies used mysterious symbols and strange images. Daniel wrote the half of his book in Hebrew as encouragement for the Jews still in Jerusalem. But he also wrote chapter in Aramaic, a language common to the Gentiles.

God told Daniel to seal up the scrolls until the end of time. Not until the Book of Revelation was one worthy to open the seven seals on the scroll.

Revelation 5:1"Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals."

  • Daniel the Man

      Ezekiel living around the same time as Daniel but he was older and lived on Jewish soil. He delivered messages from God to the Jewish people. Jeremiah also a contemporary tells us God used Nebuchadnezzar teach Israel He can use a pagan king to discipline His people.
      In the first group captured 14-15 yrs. old but he was not there when the temple was destroyed. Daniel and his friends were not treated as slaves but offered food from the King's table and educated in the palace.
      Diplomatic in refusing the rich food yet bold enough to ask as you will study in Chapter 1.
      Never wavered in his faithfulness even when his life is threatened.
      Daniel never preached a sermon but he Glorified God with his visions. Daniel rose to a position where he was comfort ble in the presence of kings.
      Lived the entire 70 years God allowed Judah' s' captivity
      Daniel lived most of his 80+ years under several different kings and rulers.
      Daniel living in a pagan land offered luxury and power yet maintained his integrity and devotion to God.

Would you choose to be a Daniel and let God be in Control of your life?

Prepare for next week. SHOW BOOK

Lesson 1-your commentary God is in Control is wonderful and explains the history and captivity of the children of Israel. It has wonderful clues to fact we may have missed. My suggestion is to read your commentary as soon as possible: over the week-end. Those 2-3 questions at the end apply to my wrap up and the commentary . It is easier to answer while it is fresh in your mind.
Lesson 2-You will read Daniel chapter 1 and answer questions each day. Work through page 9.

Be wary of using study bibles and commentaries for your answers. A commentary is only one person's understanding. Just like my teaching is one woman's understanding. We want you to spend time with God and allow his Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth.

Dear Father,

We know You have a message for those in this world living in sorrow and pain. Use us to bring the message through the hands, feet, and mouth of Your followers. Lord, You desire us to be Your light in this dark world bringing the kind of encouragement Daniel taught us. Only God can heal people weary of sin and suffering when we look to Him.